HDR Photoshop Tutorial: How To Blend Moving Objects In a Landscape Photo

This HDR Photoshop tutorial is going to show you how to blend moving objects in a landscape photo.

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Welcome to Episode 21 of my Processing Subscriber Images series!

The images used in this video are a set of 4 bracketed exposures sent in to me by Ted Lynch – many thanks Ted for sending these in!

Ted wanted to know how best to approach blending and merging these exposures given that the wind was blowing the tree all over the place between shots.

When the wind gets to a certain point, it’s virtually impossible to blend exposures because the branches are in a different physical space at different times. But fear not! I have a cheeky little technique up my sleeve which will help us achieve the impossible!

Watch the video to see it!

Also featured in this video are some luminosity masking techniques to blend the exposures once you’ve lined them up properly, as well as some general layer masking tips, and the whole thing starts out with some tips to help you figure out whether your layers are lined up correctly in the first place or not.



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Video originally posted here: https://youtu.be/ckqEqYxgqiM