High Pass Filter Photoshop Tutorial: sharpening (with a TWIST!) in Photoshop CC 2020

In this High Pass Filter Photoshop tutorial I’m showing you how to sharpen your photos with the high pass filter, AND go the extra step (which you’ve probably not been shown before) to remove those horrible halos that this technique usually creates. Here’s a hint – it involves adding a luminosity mask!

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If you’re new to luminosity masking then you’ll still be able to follow along with the steps I’m about to show you, but if you want to get started learning these techniques from scratch then download my free guide “an introduction to luminosity masking” above.

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The high pass filter photoshop technique for sharpening your images is a popular one for landscape photographers. However it does have the tendency to add some ugly halos to your images, often without you even noticing at the time!

In this photoshop tutorial I show you how to use a luminosity mask to completely eliminate these halos so they don’t crop up later and cause you problems when you come to print an enlargement or add your images to your portfolio online etc.

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Video originally published here: https://youtu.be/DLXAcKSIhhw