How To Edit A Single Sunset Exposure in Photoshop

Welcome to episode 33 of my Processing Subscriber Images video series!

Many thanks to Jon Beyerle for submitting his single exposure RAW file of this stunning sunset scene.

Given that the RAW file starts off in such a good place already, we can skip the basic colour and exposure corrections that we’d normally do at the start of the workflow and go straight to the good stuff – making the fine tuned adjustments that will make this photo pop.

I suspect Jon used a grad filter whilst capturing this photo because the foreground is not under-exposed, given the brightness of the sky.

Grad filters can sometimes cause an issue in that they darken parts of the image that you don’t want to be dark, but you have to kinda suck it up if you want to get it all in one shot.

However, it doesn’t seem to have caused an issue here. The mountains probably have taken on a little bit of the darkening effect of the filter, but I like how it’s turned out and I’m not going to try and lighten them up. They look great dark against the bright sun.

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