How To Make Your Landscapes POP in Photoshop (PSI Episode 32)

Welcome to episode 32 of my Processing Subscriber Images video series!

Many thanks to subscriber Nicole Richstein for submitting this beautiful image for todays video. (And my apologies if I said your name wrong in the introduction!)

Nicole has been struggling to create a version that she likes of this image, so I’ll be sharing my views on how to get the best out of it in Photoshop here in this video.

The photo contains many ingredients needed to make a great shot. The colours in the sky are many landscape photographers dream shooting conditions, so I’ll be concentrating mainly on how to get the image to POP with a combination of contrast and brightness adjustments.

This video is also a little bit of an experiment in that instead of walking you through the adjustments as I make them, I’ve already edited the image and I’m now just walking you through what I’ve done retrospectively.

This has resulted in a video around 1/3rd the length of my other subscriber image video – so I’ll be interested to see which format you prefer!

Please let me know in the comments 🙂

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