How To Process A Landscape Photo in Photoshop CC 2019 – Tutorial

In this video, learn how to edit a photo in photoshop using my 6-stage PS workflow as a guide. This is a great photoshop tutorial for beginners and experienced users alike and shows how to use Photoshop to make landscape photos pop.

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Throughout this Photoshop tutorial I use the Luminosity Masking Panel I personally developed to help make all the drawn out and tedious manual processes involved with creating luminosity selections much much quicker and easier.

You can download the Luminosity Masking Panel and see a full panel walkthrough here:

If you’re new to layers and masking, then you might want to check out my most popular video ever on YouTube, and introduction to layers and masking, here:

This video is episode 19 in my “Processing Subscriber Images” series, where I take an image submitted by a subscriber or client and process it in Photoshop using the techniques that I teach across my various Photoshop courses.

You can see the full playlist of this series here:

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