How To Save Your Finished Image In Photoshop (WITH or WITHOUT LAYERS)

In this video I’m providing the answer to THE most commonly asked question I receive in my YouTube comments.

That question is always along the lines of: how do I save my finished image in Photoshop?

What happens to the layers and adjustments I created?

Should I flatten my image before saving?

What’s next when I finish editing my photo?

Well, the answer is coming right up.

PLUS I’ll be showing my actual process for sharpening, resizing and exporting my own photos in a way that makes organising all the various versions of the same image EASY.

If you’re familiar with my 6 stage editing workflow then you’ll know that stage 6 is “Resize, Sharpen and Export” and this is where the answer to this question lives.

Side note: If you want to download my free PDF that maps out the entire 6 stage workflow from start to finish, then you can click this link now:

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