How to TURN UP THE SUN using luminosity masks in Photoshop

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An Introduction to Luminosity Masking:

In this video you’ll learn my favourite photoshop technique for increasing the warm sunrise glow in a photo, using luminosity masks and a color fill adjustment layer in Photoshop.

This tutorial involves the use of luminosity masks. If you’d like to download my free PDF guide: An Intro To Luminosity Masking, then click the link in the description below.

First I’m showing you the technique involving the color fill adjustment layer to add the nice warm golden glow, and really turn up the intensity of the sun in the scene.

Then I’ll show you how to use a luminosity mask to isolate that colour effect to only the highlights in the image. This results in a much more natural blend between the effect and the original image.

The example image is a seascape/landscape and works great for these types of photo, but it’s really a universal technique so try it on your portraits and any other kind of photo too!

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