Is there a BEST SHUTTER SPEED for Moving Water?

QUESTION: What’s the best shutter speed for capturing moving water? In this video I’m revealing my approach to capturing just the right amount of water movement in my seascapes and other water-based landscapes, with some simple ideas and ballpark numbers to help you do the same.

This video is a first for my channel – going beyond the usual over-the-shoulder screen share tutorials I normally upload, this time I’ve turned the camera on myself to talk with you face to face… almost 🙂

I even invested in some lights to make it look all professional and everything! Check out the end of the video where I preview some different background colours for possible use in future videos!

And please bear with me while I work out the awkwardness of being on camera… If you’re a regular viewer hopefully you’ll agree I usually sound like I know what I’m talking about – but talking direct into camera is like having some kind of forgetfulness filter on my brain running at 90%…

Anyway – hopefully it all makes sense, I’ll get better as we go (I think!).

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