Layer Masking in Photoshop: 3 Advanced Tips (for 2020 and Beyond)

Here are three advanced layer masking tips that will help you create more accurate masks than ever, for better looking photos in Photoshop.

Tip #1: How to ____________ into layer masks
Tip #2: How to create _____**_ based on for even more _**__
Tip #3: How to _______ luminosity selections

These are techniques that I use every single time in my own photos, and that I’ve taught to thousands of Photographers like you in my Luminosity Masking Mastery course.

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If you’re not using luminosity masks in your photoshop workflow yet, or even if you’re a seasoned expert, watch this video all the way to the end. Because I’m showing you the techniques that build on each other and will give you the power to create better, higher quality layer masks and therefore better quality photos.

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