Lightroom VS Photoshop for Exposure Blending

Watch the luminosity masking video I mentioned in this video here:

Someone asked me in a comment recently what is the difference between using Lightroom’s HDR functionality for blending bracketed exposures, versus using luminosity masking in Photoshop.

Even considering the fact that Lightroom’s HDR functionality is an automated process that basically guesses how we want to blend our exposures, it is actually pretty good for some specific scenarios, like when there’s zero movement between frames, and rescuing basic shadows and highlights in “regular” kinds of shot.

However, I’m all about sunrise and sunset when lighting conditions are very difficult and high contrast, and there is usually movement between frames (whether that’s the waves of the sea, or the clouds in the sky, theres usually something).

So This video is going to be a quick demo of exactly why I personally rarely ever use Lightroom to do my exposure blending.

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