Landscape Capture Masterclass

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  1. MichaelLynch says:

    I have just flicked through Module 1 and I would agree with the thrust of this courese as excellent. However when dealing with camera focussing there is a trick I use that I would lieke to bring to your attention.
    1. Set the camera for “Back Button Focussing” with Shutter button focussing disabled.
    2. Set the camera for “Autofocus”
    3. When you press and release the “Back-Button” the camera is now in manual focus and will stay on the selected focal point until changed.
    4. You can if you like furthere fine tune the focussing with the focus ring. Not usually necessary.
    5. There should be not need to chang the focus mode if this is used.

    1. Steve A says:

      That sounds like a solid method Michael, thanks for sharing. Back button focusing is something I tried once for general use but I never got the hang of it, but it seems like a handy technique for this scenario. It would definitely reduce the risk of accidentally moving the focus ring or focal length while switching between auto and manual focus! I’ll look into it some more.

  2. MichaelLynch says:

    Thank you Steve. I have used this techniques myself for years and found it foolproof. I shoot Nikon and Fuji. The important point to remember is that when you release the “Back Button”, the focus mechanism within the camera is now switched off and the camera is in effect in “Manual Focus” irrespective of what position the focus switch is in be it “Single” or Continuous. I should add that for “Continuous” focussing you weould need of course to keep the Back Button presed. You would only ever need to use the “Manual” position if you were using and all manual lens sucha as a Laowa or Mitikon.