Photoshop Layers & Masking – 3 Beginner Mistakes To AVOID like the plague

Photoshop Beginners: Are you making these layers and masking mistakes in Photoshop?

Here are 3 Photoshop layers and masking mistakes I see beginner level photoshop users making regularly, but which you should avoid.

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The running theme with these three photo editing mistakes is that they all relate to a destructive workflow. Whenever possible you want to be using nondestructive post processing techniques because this enables you to go back to previous points in your workflow to make changes, without having to re-do everything else you did after that point.

These rules apply for any and all Photoshop versions and features why you should be using adjustment layers and smart objects.

The third mistake I warn of in this video is my answer to the most common layers-related question I’ve ever received… The question itself tells me there are lots of people out there making the mistake, because my answer to the question “how do I ______ my photoshop layers ?” is this: “don’t!”

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