PSI Ep10: How to Process A Crazy Pink Sunrise Or Sunset Sky In Photoshop

Download the Luminosity Masking Panel used in this video here:

Welcome to PSI Episode 10!

We made it to double figures! Thanks to everyone who has sent images to me to use in these demos. If you’d like to send an image or two in to me to see how I would process it or to get help with a specific problem or technique you’re struggling with then use the link below to send me your RAW files.

I receive many more submissions than I can use, so I pick the ones that I think will help the most people with the techniques they struggle with the most. So if you send an image and I don’t use it, know that it just means the answer you’re looking for can probably be found in another video in the series 🙂

Todays image was sent in by Harry Shulman who was having shadow issues with this sunset scene. The ideal way to capture the massive dynamic range in the scene would have been with bracketed exposures, but we still managed to get a decent result. Click play to check it out 🙂

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