Understanding Luminosity Masks In Photoshop: Exposure Blending Basics

Learn how to use luminosity masks in Photoshop to blend two exposures now.
Download my free PDF Guide, and Intro To Luminosity Masking: https://postprocessingmastery.com/intro-to-lm

This technique for blending exposures with luminosity masks produces results far cleaner than any HDR software.

It is beginner level luminosity masking tutorial so assumes you are familiar in general with the idea of layer masking. If not then check out my Intro to Layers and Masks video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBKHeU8rWFs

If you want to learn the ins and outs of luminosity masks in photoshop from the ground up, then you can download my free PDF guide “An Intro To Luminosity Masking” here: https://postprocessingmastery.com/intro-to-lm

The key to understanding luminosity masks in photoshop is understanding the difference between a “2 dimensional” selection and a “3 dimensional” selection.

You can think of a luminosity selection as a three dimensional selection, where it has length and height, but also depth which is based on the brightness of the pixels in the image.

When you utilise luminosity selections to create your layer masks, you’ll be able to create top quality, clean images, that look more natural and less “Photoshopped!”.

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Video originally published here: https://youtu.be/qUf86eFlP-g