When and why to use EXPOSURE BRACKETING (in Landscape Photography)

In this video I’m going to explain when and why to use exposure bracketing in your landscape photography.

If you want to know how to blend bracketed exposures once you’ve captured them, check out these beginner and advanced exposure blending tutorials:

Exposure Blending Photoshop Tutorial: For BEGINNERS ONLY: https://youtu.be/UdgDH_ht-js

How To Blend Exposures in Photoshop (ADVANCED Layer Masking Tutorial): https://youtu.be/r11QIKBxFqo

How To Combine Bracketed Photos in Photoshop (Stunning Results!): https://youtu.be/9YVsqrUfX2k

There’s also a bunch of links to my other bracketing and luminosity masking videos in the description below, so make sure you check those out after watching this video too.

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