Why bother with Smart Objects in Photoshop?

Why bother using smart objects in photoshop?

It’s an extra step, which feels unnecessary, so do you really need to use them?

These are all valid questions and the quick answer is no. You don’t have to.

Might you want to use smart objects in your workflow anyway?

It depends.

In this video I’m going to show you why you might want to use smart objects, and why you might not need to bother.

They can be a useful tool in your processing workflow and save you a bit of effort in the long run.

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So, smart objects are used mainly when we want to run a Photoshop filter on a pixel based layer (as opposed to an adjustment layer).

What they do is allow you to go back and adjust any filter settings you made to that layer.

This is opposed to running those same filters on a non smart object layer where those filters will be baked into the pixels.

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