How to add a twilight effect to your photos in photoshop

Today’s tutorial I will show you a technique on how you can add a twilight effect on a seemingly flat image. This technique is easy and you only need a single adjustment layer.

Video: Add the twilight effect on  boring photos!


We’ve jotted down the steps for you!

(View the video for full details and explanations)

  1. Load your image in Photoshop.
  2. Click on Selective Color from the Adjustment layer menu.
  3. From the Properties window, select White under the Color drop down list.
  4. Move the slider up for Magenta. You will notice that the sky and mountain will have the Twilight finish.
  5. You can also adjust the Black slider depending on the type of image you have.
  6. Pick another Color from the Properties window, again this will depend on the image you have.
  7. Since the image we have as sample have Blue, I have adjusted Magenta and Black slider and increase the amount.

Use this technique and please do not forget to share your photos with us!

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  1. Mike kunz says:

    Very easy way of working thanks

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