Photoshop Tutorial: How to Fix an Overexposed Sky

In this week’s tutorial video, Steve shows new technique on how to recover or fix a badly exposed part of a sky using Photoshop.

There are  instances when there are no amount of highlight recovery in Camera Raw can fix a picture with  badly overexposed part.

The sample image on this video is one great example, when you encounter a similar case it can be frustrating and one can feel that what could have been a amazing shot will end up being discarded.

Fret not! There is a way this can be rescued and be made beautiful again.

Video: Repair a Badly Overexposed Sky!



Here is a summary of the steps mentioned:

(View the video for full details and explanations)

  1. Load an image with an overexposed sky.
  2. Look around the image and find a good section that we can copy and paste over the overexposed section of the image.
  3. Select the marquee tool and copy (ctrl+c) that section and paste (ctrl+v) the copied section.
  4. Reposition the copied image by stretching it to cover the overexposed section.
  5. Once repositioned, make sure that Layer 1 is selected and change the blend mode to Darken, you should see a big difference on the image now.
  6. Change the opacity level as well to improve the look of the image.
  7. In the video you will see a section where a straight line is visible, we can fix this by:
  8. Going back to Normal blend mode add a layer mask.
  9. Click on the brush tool with a black foreground colour. Set the opacity to 100% and brush around the edges of the lines.
  10. Go back to Darken mode, you will see that the changes is subtle but the lines are no longer visible.
  11. You can repeat the same process until the intended look on your image is achieved.

We cannot wait for you to share your photos after using this technique!

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Comments on Photoshop Tutorial: How to Fix an Overexposed Sky

  1. Ronald Waltham says:

    Hi just like to say, great tips improved my work flow much appreciated.


  2. Johan says:

    Hi Steve, Thank you for these short videos. I am really finding them beneficial and I am already applying many of the tips from them in my own processing. Still busy with the luminosity course, Taking some time to apply each stage in my processing but will get through sometime this year. Kind regards. Johan

  3. Ron says:

    Hi Steve. I really like these short videos. They cover a single topic quickly and are easy to follow.

  4. Anna N. says:

    Thank you for the great tip, Steve. Came just in time when I am processing my holiday photos and have a few that need very similar adjustments. Much appreciated. Cheers

  5. Neil Goodwin says:

    I agree, these short videos are enormously useful. Keep it up please Steve!

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