Photoshop Tutorial – How to Add a Warm Glow to a Sunrise or Sunset Image

A nice warm color on your photo helps a lot in making it look more natural and leaves one feeling calm just by looking at it.

Today’s video I am going to share to you how to add a nice glow on your Sunset and Sunrise images.

Video: Adding a Warm Glow on Your Images

Here are the steps for you to follow:

(View the video for full details and explanations)

  1. Load image in Photoshop
  2. Add a Solid Color Adjustment Layer
  3. Change the Color using the Color Picker Click Ok
  4. Change the Blend mode to Overlay
  5. Reduce the Opacity depending on the image I have set it to 15-30% range or lower.
    Note: Using a Solid Color Fill Layer allows you to be able to change the color very easily.
  6. Mask the effect on some areas of the images.
  7. Click on the Layer mask, select the brush tool with a black foreground color,
    then increase the brush size.
  8. Brush the effect on to the layer mask where you want the effect be applied.
    Note: You can take this onto the next level by using the Luminosity Mask.
  9. You can do the whole process by using an Action Set.
  10. Remove the Solid Color Layer.
  11. Click on the Actions Panel
  12. Select PPM Action 1
  13. Click on the Warm Highlight and run it.
  14. This will give you a new group which contains the solid color layer as well as the luminosity mask.
  15. Use a white brush to apply onto the sky. This will show the effect onto the sky.
  16. This effect will only be applied to the highlight of the image which will yield to a better and more natural result.

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Comments on Photoshop Tutorial – How to Add a Warm Glow to a Sunrise or Sunset Image

  1. Gerard Van den hoek says:

    Hi Steve I fine your Photoshop lessons very good and clearly understand you instructions.I thanks you so much.Regards Gerard

  2. Nancy Bailey says:

    The link for the Photo Shop Action set does not work. Love your video…I was able to follow your detailed instructions. Thanks!

  3. charlie says:

    This is great if not the best already I have watch compared to the other on-line tutorial out there. I am an (already) aged photograph starter using my kids DSLR. I am only good at point and shoot user but now I begun to love this photography as hubby.
    Thank you

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