Photoshop Tutorial: How To Intensify Colours In Your Sunrise And Sunset Images


Today’s video will teach you the quickest and simplest way perhaps, the most natural way of improving your sunrise or sunset images.

Sunrise and sunsets are always captivating , capturing it on photos makes it equally amazing. The technique shown in this video tutorial works best if the image you will be using already have a bit of colour in the sky.  You will get a sample of this vibrant or warm color and use it to enhance and make your image more serene.

Video: Intensify your Sunrise and Sunset Photo Colour

Here’s a summary of these steps:

(View the video for full details and explanations)

  1. Load your sunset/sunrise image and then add a new empty layer.
  2. Change the Blend mode to Overlay.
  3. Select the Brush tool and set the Opacity at 30%.
  4. Sample a colour from the sky.
  5. While keeping the brush tool selected Press Alt on the keyboard (Option for Mac) , you will notice that the cursor will change into an eyedropper tool.
  6. Clicking anywhere on the image and this will allow you to get a sample of that colour.
  7. In the sample image what we are looking for is warmer colour that is towards a darker shade.
  8. After clicking the colour of your choice you will see it now set as a foreground color.
  9. Click on the brush tool again and brush the color to the image where you want colour be blended to.
  10. You can still tweak the opacity of the image after you have applied the color.
  11. You can also switch the blend mode between Overlay and Soft Light to see which option will yield to a better image.



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