Photoshop Tutorial – How to make details POP in your Landscapes

In this video I will show how to enhance the detail in your landscape images and bring attention to those important objects in your frame.

This tutorial will show you two techniques you can use to make the details in  your landscape images pop, which is what most of us want. The first method is increasing the micro contrast which allows us to use the finer or small objects in our images stand out. The second method is applying macro contrast this can be done by adding adjustment layer and improving on the contrast of specific objects on your image.

Video: Make the details in your landscapes POP!

Here’s a summary of the steps:

(View the video for full details and explanations)

Increasing Micro Contrast

  1. Load your image in Photoshop.
  2. Create a copy of your background layer, do this by dragging the layer downwards to create a copy.
  3. Go to Filter, click Other then choose High Pass
  4. Under the High Pass box change the value of the radius by moving the slider, in this example preferrably choose a lower value. This depends on the resolution of your camera and the size of the image you are working on.
  5. Click Ok,this changes will be applied to the background layer copy.
  6. Change the blend mode to Overlay.
  7. You will see a whole lot of difference to the image when you zoom in.
  8. Add a layer mask to the background copy.
  9. Invert the layer mask by pressing Command (Mac) or Ctr+I (Windows) on your keyboard.
  10. Grab a white brush.
  11. Set the Opacity level to 100%
  12. Brush into the layer mask. What we are doing is basically painting this sharpening detail to the image.
  13. Continue to do the brushing on your image onto the objects you want to enhance.
  14. View the image on full screen to see the effect.

Applying Macro Contrast

  1. Add a new Curves Adjustment Layer.
  2. Create a darkening effect by pulling the curve downwards.
  3. Invert the mask layer by pressing Command (Mac) or Ctr+I (Windows) on your keyboard.
  4. Grab a white brush.
  5. Brush into the white layer mask.
  6. Brush the darkening effect into the dark edges of the rocks as shown on the video . Pick objects on your images that needs to the darkening effect.
  7. Change the Opacity Level to 50%
  8. Add another Curves Adjustment Layer
    Increase the brightness by pulling the curve upwards.
    Invert the mask layer by pressing Command (Mac) or Ctr+I (Windows) on your keyboard.
    Brush the same white brush,brush into the white or ligter section of the image that we want to pop.

We cannot wait for you to share your photos!

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  1. Jaesub Kim says:

    Thanks you Sirs.
    Your Video was very very helpful to study Photoshop.
    THanks Again.

  2. kay ellen Hamilton says:

    WOW that is great subtle changes that make a large difference thrilled with this information many thanks

    1. Steve A says:

      Thank you Kay, I’m glad you liked this video

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