When Photoshops Content Aware Move tool doesn’t work, do this instead

This tutorial provides good options for when the content aware move tool is not enough for you to move or remove certain portions of your image in Photoshop.  I will show you how to make similar changes using the healing brush and patch tool.  The methods I have shown here are very easy to do and will surely produce great enhancements on your photos.

Video: What to do when the content aware move tool is not enough!


We’ve jotted down the steps for you!

(View the video for full details and explanations)

  1. Load your image in Photoshop.
  2. Using the Healing Brush
  3. Add a new empty layer.
  4. Select the Healing brush tool, this works like the clone stamp tool, in this tutorial we will sample the cloud on the image.
  5. Click on the cloud to sample it and just like the clone stamp if you start brushing on the other section of the image it is going to clone the cloud from the sample point. You will also see the cross hairs moving around.
  6. Note: The difference between this method and the clone stamp is that the clone stamp would simply duplicate the pixels. On the other hand the Healing Brush tool will blend what we are trying to clone. So it is going to adjust the transition and color of the background so that it will appear seamless as possible.
  7. Hide the cloud layer we created.
  8. Add a new layer and this time I am going to sample the empty space and brush brush it on the cloud, this will look seamless again.
  9. Using the Patch Tool
  10. Select an area you want to patch from.
  11. Drag it across and drop it onto the cloud to eliminate it from the picture.
  12. You can do this change on the layer containing the image.
  13. If you want to move the cloud.
  14. Add a new layer.
  15. Select the healing brush tool.
  16. Sample the cloud and brush anywhere where you want the cloud to be moved.
  17. Erase the original cloud.
  18. Re enable the first copied cloud that was created.
  19. Add another layer this will be our third.
  20. Sample the cloud and put it on the image where you want the cloud to be.

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