PMC Member Gallery: Favourite Photo of 2018

For this week’s post, we requested our members to share their favourite photo from 2018.

It is always nice to look back through photos, it helps us remember wonderful memories and events we have partaken. It makes us feel hopeful and full of energy as we welcome the unfolding new year.

May your 2019 be filled with only the fondest of memories that brings a big smile to your hearts.

Happy New Year to all!



Above: Dancing Maze – By Terry Robinson


Above: South Ramshead – By Tony Brown


Above By Mary Coles


Above By Andy Booth



Above: St. Aidan on Lindisfarne – By Susan Dawson


Above: Bridge – By Scott Mc Clintock


Above By Lon Davis


Above: Water Drop – By Belinda Davis


Above: Back on Track – By Brendan McAleer


Above: Cessnock, NSW – By Pierre Fonsny


Above: Queenstown – By Lloyd B.


Above: Three Creek Lake – By Steve Peters


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