This week we bring to you a collection of long exposure images from our PMC members. With this camera technique you can get water that is silky smooth, elongated city lights, hazy atmosphere and pure serenity. It feels like you are frozen in time!

Many thanks to our PMC members, if it wasn’t for active contributors like you, we wouldn’t successfully pull this off.  


Above: Port Campbell Wharf – By Graham Gall


Above: Proxy Falls, Oregon – By Steve Peters


Above: Spinning Wheel, Darling Harbour – By Pierre Fonsny


Above: Aurora Australis  Patiti Point, Timaru – By Andrew Burling


Above: Miami Headland – By Terry Ronsinson


Above: Sunrise at Bermagui, Australia –  By Babette Bruns


Above: Zen Zen Zo in Brisbane – By Robert Molan


Above: Theatre Royal, Newcastle – By  Susan Dawson


Above: Astoria Column, Astoria Oregon – By Scott Curdie


Above: Carrickaveol, Donegal – By Brendan McAleer


Above by Lon Davis


Above: Light Painting around the Christmas Tree – By Belinda Davis


Above: New Orleans Cruise – By Andy Booth

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