PMC Member Gallery: NIGHT SKY

The night sky reminds us of a vast space apart from ours.  Many have looked up into the sky thinking of dreams that are waiting to be reached.  This week, I am excited to share to you all, our gallery showcasing the Night Sky!

Some members have used it as their main focus while others have made it their amazing backdrop. Whichever way, what you will see are the beauty of the heavens all lit up.

Above: Milky Way at Kiama Headland – By Graham Gall


Above: Todd Lake – By Steve Peters


Above: One Night Over The Fence – By Lon Davis


Above: Out Of This World – By Belinda Davis


Above: Án Port, Donegal , Ireland – By Brendan McAleer


Above: Marksdale Station – By Pierre Fonsny


Above: Venus Christmas Tree – By Claude Baril


Above: Seven Mile Beach – By Terry Robinson


Above: Old Truck – By Scott Curdie


Above: Farina Start Trails Ruin – By Glen Harrison


Above:  Cazneaux’s Tree – By Robert Molan


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