PMC Member Gallery: Road Photography

A few days ago I challenged Photo Mastery Club members to share their photos featuring ROADS in our private forum with the view to sharing them here on the blog.

One of the things I love about our community is the diverse array of images I see from across the globe, and this collection is no exception!

So without delay, here are our members ROAD shots shared this week:

Above: Mt Cook Road, NZ – by Terry Robinson


Above: Stelvio Pass, Italy – by Christopher Cherrington


Above: Fanad Lighthouse in Co Donegal – by Brendan McAleer


Above: Country Road – By Linda Jordan


Above: Mountainside Road – by Scott McClintock


Above: Kimberley Tidal Creek, Northern Territory (AU) – By Pierre Fonsny


Above: Mojave desert road – by Wes Mitchell


Above: “The Road on the Moon”, Námafjall Hverir, Iceland – By Shelly Savant


Above: Village road, Kyrgyzstan – By Carolyn Richards


Above: Patagonia at night – by Mo Sharaf


Above: Canyon Road, Capitol Reef, Utah – by Jackie S


Above: Covered Bridge – By Lonnie Davis


Above: Road through the Redwoods – by Belinda Davis


Above: Mountain Road – by Pierre Fonsny


Above: Via Stabiana, Pompeii 76 AD – by Mike Suttill


Above: Urban road, Lisbon – By Susan Dawson


Thanks to all the members who shared their images here!

If you have a comment or question about any of these wonderful shots, be sure to leave it below in the comments section.



P.S Next weeks images will be “Reflections” 🙂

Comments on PMC Member Gallery: Road Photography

  1. Kat Smith says:

    Great views, the Mount Cook one made me remember my trip … My views were a bit more stormy snow and mist hindered my views. I’ll be back one day for more than a drive by, hopefully to capture great pictures like that one.

  2. Antony Lelkes says:

    I enjoyed the picture you just showed us. Thank you.

  3. John J. Lashua says:

    Great series of shots, Outstanding!

  4. Janet Cox says:

    What a good topic for challenging photographers. Will put it forward for our local camera club. Enjoyed the variety

  5. Charlie W says:

    Wonderful images from all over the world and great inspiration to find my own local roads to photograph from a different perspective. Thanks!

  6. Country Road by Linda Jordan does it for me amongst this beautiful assembly. Love the composition and dramatic sky it just feels so strong to me and caught my eye immediately.

  7. Kathryn says:

    What a nice way to start my day (it’s 5:20 a.m.) with coffee and photography that makes my heart speed up! Thank you!

  8. Joseph says:

    Great idea Steve – should do more theme photos. Lots of great photos.

  9. Sarah says:


  10. Steve Goodwin says:

    Great photos. I drove the Stelvio Pass last year. Good memories

  11. Marius Franek says:

    Glorious Images of roads travelled, some I’ve done and the rest I’d love to do. Ones perspective on life, is a culmination of everything you have experienced and that which you hope to one day, with a view to …… !

  12. Michael knight says:

    Nice pictures wish I could get some of these places

  13. gary carr says:

    love this site. I would like to contribute. how?

  14. Ann Liberatore says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  15. John Matthew says:

    Those are some pretty neat shots.

  16. Thank you all for sharing you images, I have a few road images myself but that was a long time ago. I hope to get back into taking road images one day soon. Again, thank you all for sharing.

  17. Very impressive collection of photos! All roads inviting further exploration.

  18. For those of us who love lonely places this was an inspirational series. Even Pompeii, which I would love to get back to. There is a lot more of it uncovered since my visit fifty years ago.

  19. Karon edleson says:

    Beautiful images and POVs!

  20. Terry Aspinall says:

    Thank you for sharing these images Steve they give me some insight into the compositions to look for when I get back out shooting again. You see I was just cleared by my eye doctor this past week.I’ve been on the shelf for the past 2 years with 4 eye surgeries, 3 on the right and one on the left.I have about 90% clear vision in the right and 100% in the left. So I’m going retrain myself to shoot with the left eye. I live in Florida so starting out with some day trips and go from there. I have been reading your articles for sometime now and your just one of several that I use for inspiration in getting back out there and in the swing again. Thank you

  21. Ian Jenkins says:

    An excellent collection of photos, Kimberly Tidal Creek, is my favourite choice.

  22. connie Beshears says:

    great shots,they are all beautiful.

  23. JD Barnes says:

    Enjoyed the journey! Thanks for this collection.

  24. Donna Hanne says:

    Great pleasure looking at the Photos that people post l may never get there but l still see part’s of the world that give us so much joy. Thank you all Donna.

  25. Jann says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love them all!

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