PMC Member Gallery: Sunrise / Sunset

Sunrises remind us that there is an opportunity to do better again. Sunsets are a great time to look back on the day gone by. Regardless of what  sunrise or sunset reminds you of the setting and rising of the sun is always a good way for us to simply reflect, pause before we take the next step.

I am excited to share to you these wonderful photos from our creative members. These images will certainly encourage you to go out and view the world in different perspectives.


Above: Sunset Over Moogara Dam – By Robert Molan


Above: Sunset on the Oregon Coast – By Lon Davis


Above: Feeding Time – By Belinda Davis


Above: Sunset at Beadnell Harbour – By Susan Dawson


Above: Mataura River – By Paul Rea


Above: Windy Point – By Glen Harrison


Above: Pisgah Forest – By Joanne Damian


Above: Fingal Heads – By Terry Robinson


Above: Burill Lake Square – By Timothy Moon


Above: Badwater Basin – By Steve Peters


Above: Uluru Sunrise – By Graham Gall


Above: Melbourne Sunset – By Ian Marks


Above By Babette Bruns


Above: Cabo San Luca – By Scott McClintock


Above: Forty-Niner Country Club – By Tracy Tague


Above: Ice Lagoon, Iceland – By Don Vawter


Above: Cape Town Harbour – By Sandrie de Wet


Above: Tomales Bay  – By Mike O’Shea


Above: Horse With No Name – By Brendan McAleer


Above: Dragoon Ridge – By Bill Hanson


Above: Whale Bay – By Lloyd Benliro


Above: Sunset in Kimberley – By Pierre Fonsny


Above: Lake Havasu – By Andy Booth


Above: South Haven – By James Vining




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