PMC Member Gallery: WATER

“I hear the noise of many waters, Far below.  All day, all night, I hear them flowing ,To and fro.” – James Joyce

Joyce undeniably chose the right words to describe the calming sound of water. Water can bring the same feeling of peace in photos. Looking into these will certainly awaken memories of your youth while you play sand along the shores with your family, trips you took to reflect about life, great adventures.

This week’s gallery  are like mementos we keep to remind us about the beauty of life and nature.

Kudos to our PMC members!


Above: Rough Seas at Fingal – By Terry Robinson


Above: Macro Water Drop – By Belinda Davis


Above: The Cove – By Lon Davis


Above: Riparian Reserve, Phoenix – By Andy Booth


Above By Paul Rea


Above: The Sandridge Bridge – By Graham Gall


Above: Lough Erne, Ireland – By Brendan McAleer


Above: Autumn Fantasy – By Robert Molan


Above By Babette Bruns


Above: Lake Tyee, Northwest Washington – By Scott Curdie


Above By Andrew Burling


Above: Hunua Falls, New Zealand – By Lloyd B. 

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