PMC Member Gallery: WATERFALL

Have you ever found yourself hypnotised by staring at running water? Doesn’t it feel peaceful? There is a profound sense of calm that water  brings to our mind and body. If you find  water running from your faucet relaxing, imagine how much more a water falling from high ground surrounded by nature, could bring you? This week, our members shared their amazing photos of a water fall.

Tall or small, the sound it makes and the scene it offers provides a certain kind of peace, a time to reflect on one’s life and appreciate the wonders of our world.



Above: Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park – By Graham Gall


Above: Lower Proxy Falls  – By Steve Peters


Above: Harmby Falls – By Susan Dawson


Above: Black Falls – By Brendan McAleer


Above: Hoegne Creek – By Pierre Fosny


Above: Pucon Waterfall – By Janis Borgueta


Above: Niagara Falls – By Andy Booth


Above: Chagrin Falls – By Scott McClintock


Above: Triple Falls – By Paul Holland



Above: Fantail Falls – By John Hayward


Above: Canyon Falls – By James Vining


Above: The Cascades – By Ian Marks


Above: Creek – By Bill Hanson


Above: Waterfall at Lake Marion Track – By Roman Schwartz


Above: Iguazu – By Carolyn Richards



Above: Omanawa Falls – By Lloyd B.



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  1. MartinJones says:

    Am I the only photographer who is not in love with blurry water? I do not like the practice of making all waterfalls and waves look like milk. OK there are SOME cases where a LITTLE bit of blur may ADD to the impact of a photo, But generally, I prefer to capture crisp, sharp images of the moving water. What do others think?

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