PMC Member Gallery: BRIDGE

Wherever we go, we find  bridges connecting two places. It stands high and mighty throughout the years and different seasons.  A monument of hard work and a daily reminder of our historic past. Wide, short, big or small these photos will keep us in awe, it’s truly inspiring to look at and our members are beyond amazing. Thank you to everyone who shared their shots.



Above: Tyne Bridge – By Susan Dawson


Above:Price Edward Island Bridge – By Scott McClintock



Above: Mandurah New Bridge – By Carolyn Richards



Above: Luís I Bridge – By Pierre Fonsny



Above: Coolambooka Bridge – By Babette Bruns



Above: Lackagh Bridge – By Brenda McAleer 



Above: The Rail Bridge In Mist – By Kevin Skinner



Above: Rocky Creek Bridge –  By Lon Davis



Above: Siuslaw River Bridge – By Belinda Davis



Above:  Severn Railway Bridge – By Mike O’Shea



Above By Andy Booth



Above:  Spring River Fire Festival, Brisbane – By Robert Molan






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  1. JamesVining says:

    Some fantastic photos. This is the stuff I really want to start making myself….

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